Rethinking cities and economies by safeguarding national treasures.


Supporting community empowerement.  


Reawakening Economies.

“Our global economic collapse nearly a decade ago has left us with population scarce cities, communities, and pre-urbanized infrastructure across the United States and the world. How we re-populate, invision, and reuse these spaces is a challenge we all must collective face in order to reawaken the spaces and economies our most talented individuals live, work, think, fail, and grow.

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Reactivating Cascos.

Through implementation of core concepts within adaptive reuse movement , we seek to bring back to the urban center of a once economic PowerHouse in the island a new economy activity, housing it, with respectful attention within historic, and architecturally valuable properties. 


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Fostering Entrepreneurs.

Re-Activating communities is usually a task successfully completely by joint ventures and collaborations. By bringing together within a well planned geographical location existing nonprofit organizations with proven track records, we can collaboratively assist in the creation, development, strengthening, and scalability of our most valuable asset: our human capital.“

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Developing Communities.

Development without inclusion and cooperation is gentrification. To build a modern, sustainable, and cooperative society, development must happen at its roots. Our roots are in the community. Therefore, by focusing on assisting communities meet their own goals, we ultimately focus on assisting the future long-term goals of society at large.

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Today’s ruins.
Tomorrow’s hope.

The old, at the service of the new.

We celebrate the success and achievement of  Our ancestor's entrepreneurial spirits & 

what they’ve built.


Let’s reignite again the same bold audacity that allows us to take control of city’s future.

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purpose Report

Dedicated to change.

When we see the demographic composition of the Puerto Rico’s population, we can observe that over 13.5% of the island’s talent and families reside in the municipality of Ponce.

This percentage in the upcoming years is decreasing due to natural population shifts. In order to make Ponce once again an economic powerhouse of the island, we will need to boldly re-imagine and reshape the landscape for your youth to live, work, innovate and thrive.

If Ponce once was responsible for upwards of 32% of the total Gross Domestic Product of Puerto Rico, why can’t we activate the infrastructure of that era and achieve a modern utilization for it?

Read our Purpose Report and see how yearly progress to shift gears from an economically depressed economy, to a thriving one.