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Fundación Conservación Adaptiva, Inc.

About Us

Through the implementation of core concepts within adaptive reuse movement, we seek to bring back to the urban center of a once economic powerhouse in the island, a new economic activity, housing it with respectful attention within historic and architecturally valuable properties.

Call to Action

We are hosting an art auction on Saturday, December 10 in Engine-4 at 6:30pm. This will be our first major fundraising event in pursuit of fulfilling one of our core missions: to save Casa Subirá, one of the structures impacted by the 2020 earthquakes. Reserve your space by making a $125 donation and we will not only restore a town center building, but we will reuse the space to support startups on the South of Puerto Rico. Your donation will also be deducted from your first art purchase. See our list of artists on the flyer below. 

Invitation to El Nodo Art Auction benefitting Casa Subirá historic preservation


Reactivating communities is usually a task successfully completed by joint ventures and collaborations. By bringing together, within a well planned geographical location, existing nonprofit organizations with proven track records, we will collaboratively create, develop, strengthen, and scale our most valuable asset: our human capital.


How we re-populate, envision, and reuse these spaces is a challenge we must all face and tackle together in order to reawaken these historic spaces to benefit the regional economy and enrich the lives of our fellow citizens.



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