Our First Year for the Books.

This year we are focusing on getting our alliances and partnerships to start working in favor of the entrepreneurial community in the south coast of the Island.  In addition, we are working hard to build additional partnerships that will provide a better rounded solidity to our project, our mission and most importantly to those we serve - the development of a strong and healthy entrepreneurial community!.  This year is also closing with solid steps towards the reconstruction of historic properties and their readiness to house modern needs of the entrepreneurial community.  Let us share in more detail what we have achieved so far


Solid Steps Building The Future


Lead by the clarity of and commitment to our vision and mission, our Board of Directors has worked tirelessly achieve a year of many “wins”.  We feel very excited to share with the world, not only our project but even more so, the results of sheer determination and the passion for the future we know can be built.

In the month of October 2018, El Nodo has been instrumental in facilitating the first in a series of entrepreneurship development activities - the NSF I-Corps Georgia Tech node, provided in Puerto Rico by Grupo Guayacán, Inc., a private sector driven non-profit organization founded in 1996 with a mission developing, strengthening, and advancing Puerto Rico’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Then, we are closing the month by securing the first round of investments to be awarded to worthy startups in the area through a series of investment funds and in a promising Demo Day.

In November 2018 El Nodo will be opening the very first coloring space located in Ponce through a public-private partnership with the Municipality of Ponce.  From the Honorable Mayor of the city, to its municipal legislature to the staff within the city’s administration to state agencies like the Puerto Rican Institute of Culture, .  This is one solid step forward toward our vision, ensuring that the next generation of entrepreneurs and visiting entrepreneurs have access to much needed infrastructure and resources.  This is the beginning of the development of fertile ground where ideas, interests and businesses can come together and together create promising a future for all, very much following in the footsteps of those entrepreneurs of the past, which built this iconic city.

From technology to creative industries, from entrepreneurship to investments, our efforts seek to make Ponce the home for every one that seeks to create, to innovate, to disrupt and in doing so building a brighter tomorrow for all.


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Closing 2018 & Entering 2019 - 2020 Strong.


For 2018 we intend to close the year with a total of 3 properties donated and/or acquired for EL NODO. Currently we have achived 66% of our goal by confirming a total of 2 Properties donated to the organization.

We intend to close the year with the three in order to design with our team the spaces that will harbor the next generation of entrepreneurs; and that will serve in symbiosis to the community with our co-working space.

For the years 2019 and 2020, we aim to achieve two things:


  • Retrofit the current properties under EL NODO’s leadership.


  • Obtain/Acquire 2 more properties by the end of 2020 for the restoration and modern adaptation of our city’s treasures.


Properties inside El Nodo to Undergo Restoration & Adaptation 2018-2021


Play an active role in helping us move into a solid 2019.